Review: Java Juice Extract


As an avid backpacker and coffee connoisseur I continue to find a better method for preparing coffee on the trail.  My current preferred method is with my GSI lexan french press, this provides me with the best tasting cups that I have had on the trail to date.  The only issue that I have is that I purchased a larger press that is a bit bulky for when I am going solo or when I am the only one on the hike drinking coffee… I digress.

For some time now I have seen and heard about Java Juice Extract as an option for coffee on the trial.  With a recent purchase on Amazon I picked up a ten pack to give it a try.  This morning with my man Sean Bartley from journeys coffee we gave it a tasting.  First impression of the packaging, it would dramatically reduce pack weight and bulk.  Upon tearing open the pouch I found the pre-defined opening to be nice and small, great for helping to reduce possible spillage.  I grab a set of scissors to open it up more to be able to smell the extract before adding it to the waiting water.  Well that was a mistake, the smell of the extract was that of worcestershire sauce or if you have ever had Samuel Adam’s Triple Bock, either way the potent aroma that hits your nose almost made me not want to pour it into the water… so if you are going to give this a taste test, I suggest you skip the sniffy sniff of the extract itself.  Move on then to adding the extract to 11 oz of water at 190 degrees.  After a little stir to ensure consistency in the mix I have it a sniff.  Okay, the extract smell is still there in the final cup all be it a little mellowed down and I was able to also pull out some slight nutty aromas and sadly that was about it.  Moving on to the taste testing with a quick sip, I found there to be almost zero flavor with a slight hint of “brown water”, really to me this had an extreme lack of flavor and no finish.  I have to say I was pleased that there was no finish, I don’t know if I could have handled having it on my palette.  I gave it a few more sips to see if I was missing something then dumped it, sorry Java Juice this is a major pass for me.

I shall continue to search out some other options.  I believe my next trial will be to see how the AeroPress can preform on the trail.

Today @SeanBartley and myself sample @JavaJuiceInc, looking at it as a backpacking option coffee backpacking hiking