Just send in the ol’ resume for a position in IT project leadership. Online resume submission still have a long way to go in usability.

If it is possible to be more of a geek today it happened, I have my first Moleskine notebook

Okay, who else is craving a pumpkin scone? That and an americano. I know, extremely poor late night food choice… resist

Just had an great collaboration session via Skype and also ran a small tech support session

How is that in this tech age an international corporation still has not figured out non-WWW for their corporate website

Ugh, have to switch back to UberTwitter and TweetDeck for my mobile and desktop twitter needs, Seesmic will work for my mobile Ping.fm needs

Who’s ready for some backpacking? Short few day trip in the works for lower Michigan. Not all who wander are lost. NCT

Time to refactor some data and see about mastering it in a spreadsheet openoffice

Filled out the “idea” form last night for working with @InTheImage on the logo

About to head to @journeyscoffee for a free coffee with the purchase of an AMAZING scone midland mi