taking the Church to main street

After reading Pastor Thomas’ comments and thoughts on what Messiah and journeys coffeehouse are doing I was beyond compelled to reply.  Below is my reply to his post.

Pastor Thomas I would like to share my thoughts on your post and journeys coffeehouse on main street.

When journeys coffeehouse was formed over three years ago inside the of the walls of Messiah it was known that is was only a place to grow and cultivate the idea of using a third place to help share the Gospel to the world. As much as one will try the fact is that journeys coffeehouse in it’s current location is stuck within the confines of a traditional church building. Folks who don’t yet know Christ as their personal Lord and Savior don’t want to walk into the walls of a traditional church, most churches buildings freak them out. As I recall from what I read, Jesus did not do the majority of His ministry and outreach in the temple but out where the people are. journeys coffeehouse goal is to create a ministry venue in which the gospel can be shared and lived out. journeys coffeehouse is not intending to be “a church” on main street but instead and more powerful to be “the Church” on main street. We can continue to build traditional church buildings and asking the world to come to Him, or we can take Him to the world.

I would rather pour my life into someone while sharing the gospel instead of polishing the pretty bricks on a traditional church building. Jesus did not come to the world to have us make members in church clubs but instead to have His creation cross from death to life through believing in Him.

Be Blessed,
Dan Lacher

Update to the post.  I do understand and believe in the local church so please don’t misunderstand that through my strong statements above.  What I do have a problem with are the traditional church settings are so inwardly focused that they are not evangelizing to the world and tightening in on the “club” mentality if even unconsciously.

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