Dreams To Paper

This upcoming week my wife and I are taking a huge step forward in bringing a small dream that we have to the next level.  The full back story of the dream will come as the process moves forward.  So why write about it now?  A wise friend gave me this counsel:

When God gives you a vision for something you need to write it down and do something about it. Christians have walked away from God’s command to steward the whole planet, which is why so many people have picked up the call even though they don’t believe that God created it in the first place. Collaboration is important to sparking innovation. But innovation should not be slowed by pride (people wanting credit for the new ideas). There are business strategies that are creating the potential of unleashing opportunity like never before.

So we are taking the steps to write it out in legal form so that something can be done about and with it.  The glorification of this work shall not be placed on us but to the Lord, it is all about the Kingdom impact through a vision that has been given.

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