Recent days/weeks have brought out about a lot of talk on virus’, malware, spyware, … So consider this, not all of those nasty bits of software get your machine from the internet.  If you are walking through the mall, into work, around your yard, down the sidewalk… wherever you walk, what would you do if you spotted a USB drive lay around?  Really there are two choices, you either ignore it or pick it up.

So now you have picked it up.  What are you going to do with it?  Stick it in your computer and start clicking away on the random bits of data that are on it?  BAD MOVE.  If you do stick it in your computer be sure to scan it immediately with an up to date virus/malware/spyware detection/removal software.  If you happen to have a non-critical system around do this activity on that system and not the one that is your work system or has all your personal information on it.  Once you have scanned it, look for simple files that might help to identify the owner.  ie. README.txt or InCaseOfEmergancy.txt .  I would still not recommend opening up any .exe files on there.

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