Time to try out my grandma’s chocolate chocolate chip zucchini cake recipie, see if it’s as good as my childhood remembers it.

Headed out to @journeyscoffee for a meeting on worship and coffee, two amazing topics that I love and have a passion for

Just made a chocolate zucchini bundt cake… mmm to free zucchini baking goodies, now to resist eating it all…

Afternoon coffee time (americano style), who’s with me?

The best part of waking up, well is waking up to the new day… and my @MadCapCoffee americano @home

Spent three hours @ the pool w/ my bride and princesses, exhausted now

Just had a unicycle ride past our house oddsightingfortoday

Enjoyed the most amazing bottle of 2001 Domaine Pontifical Chateauneuf-Du-Pape last night