If you are not trained or knowledgable in an area please leave it up to someone who is and follow their advice.

I think messaging developers should hide the “reply to all” feature and people should have to work to use it, use wisely.

Off to @journeyscoffee to get some @MadCapCoffee espresso in Midland, MI

Just shared lunch with two beautiful ladies. I love it when they say; Daddy, I love you.

Just deployed 4 fire escape ladders in our upstairs. I pray I never have a need for them.

The Denver Broncos and the Nebraska Cornhuskers can deliver this year! Bring on the football season.

Attempting to make stuffed peppers. Farmers market this morning was a success, Cinnamon Rolls from Country Cookstove Bakery.

Off to farmers market for; Amish rolls, green beans, sweet corn, tomatoes, apples and blueberries. Love Midland, MI Farmers Market.

Had a wonderful morning with my bride! I love you @MrsLacher!!!