Looks like I have a phone interview this week… waiting to hear back on date/time!!! crushit

The training wheels came of for my oldest today. Yikes, one step closer independence at 5.

Back to the job hunt, the offer I had somehow dissipated into thin air with someone in the hiring chain not approving the position.

5 loaves & 2 dead fish in surrender to Jesus can change the world, who do you surrender your all to?

Trying a 2004 Terre da Vino barbaresco tonight wine

You know your children help make coffee a bit much when that is part of pretending at bathime as well, tonight E is using a hario v60

Learning I don’t care for higher acidity in my coffee, at least this one. At least it helped to expand my palate. dtcc

Turns out I am going to be coaching U5 soccer this fall season, need to learn from @thinguy on his masterful skills

Ready to take the faders up tonight for worship rehearsal w/ the team and running the M7CL

One of my friends (?) just called me a coffee addict. Thoughts?